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Into the wilderness and slide through the mountains!



Hiking leader and organizer.

The Team


Group of hiking enthusiasts.

The Wilderness


The vast rich wilderness.


Shelters are easy to locate and most of the time for free for those who are staying overnight. Shelters can be lean-tos or cabins. Remember to bring a sleeping bag with you before you decide to sleep overnight in the forest.

AMC achievement:
Besides being wilderness certified, many of the leaders, such as Alberta, have accomplished the 48 4000 footer AMC certification of achievement, covering all 48 4000 footer mountains.
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The Appalacian Mountain Club leaders are all volunteering nature enthusiasts who organize great events during all seasons of the year-winter, spring, summer and fall.The actities range from short relaxing day hikes to strenous 3-4 day hikes. Make sure to know your level of hiking before you enroll into any of the hiking events as some of the hikes may be overwhelming for beginners.

Why join the Club?
The answer to this question is: Why not? The AMC is a great club to meet hikers of all levels, from beginners to those with plenty of mountaineering experience, and meet new friends and hiking buddies.

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Presidential Trail, NH.




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Monroe & Washington Foliage Hike
When: Saturday, October 7, 2016
Hike Rating: A3A.
Cost: $0
Bill Donovan
Alberta Colakovic

Time & Accommodation

Event meeting:6:00 AM
Where: Starbucks
What to bring along:
A water bottle, food, and hiking gear
Accomodation: none


Join us for a one-day hike of Mts. Monroe and Washington – two of the highest and spectacular peaks in the White Mountains with amazing 360 views - during typically peak foliage season. We will hikethe Ammonoosuc Ravine and Crawford Trails to Mt. Monroe, take Davis Path to Mt. Washington, and descend via Crawford Path and the Ammonoosuc. Total distance is 9.8 miles with 4150’ elevation gain(and ~8 hours). Participants must be prepared for the distance, elevation gain, and above-treeline hiking.

Basic Information:

What to wear for a hike?
Wear clothes made from synthetic material, such as nylon and polyester. The reason being for this is that cotton wet from sweat can cause hyperpermia in colder temperatures, whereas synthetic clothes will keep hikers warm, despite the sweat, and regardless of temperature changes.



New Hampshire

Group hike on Franconia during the winter season.


New Hampshire

Alberta on Franconia during the winter season.


New Hampshire

The view of Franconia during the winter season.


New Hampshire

Alberta with an ice axe, Franconia, NH.


New Hampshire

Rich forests of New Hampshire all year round.


New Hampshire

The view of the stunning nature, Franconia, NH.